Week 1: Huatulco, México

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In short, this is my last week in the peaceful pueblita of La Crucecita in Las Bahías de Huatulco.  I’ve been here for about a month after I left Madrid, Spain… working some, but in general reading, relaxing by the beach, and at times doing absolutely nothing.

I know when I get back to Washington, DC it will not be 85 degrees during the day and it will not be 65 degrees at night, nor will I have the luxury of being tempted to do nothing.  This past month I’ve loved getting back in touch with doing nothing or reading an entire book in just 2 days;  I read James Rollins‘ Alter of Eden.

The only constant is that I eat dinner every day at the same restaurant in town.  I grab the same table, I smile at the same waitress, and I order the exact same meal:

Tres Tacos de pollo, dorados… con arroz, jitomates, con los frijoles negro pero muy secco, y un vaso de agua sandia con poco dulce,” I say secco (dry) because I do not likey soupy frijoles (black beans).

The bill is always 99 pesos, and the musicians come into the restaurant and play their guitars directly…right next to me; it’s like eating in front of a live concert.

I usually go the gym before or after eating.  But I just have to marvel at the fact that—for roughly $8 bucks—I get a great home-style cooked meal every night.  Although I secretly think they’re talking about me and how I must have my “dry frijoles.”  But I figure I finally have them trained.  Plus, I get to practice saying the same thing in Spanish every night, so there’s no turning back.

Typical Costs:

Complete meal: 80-100 pesos
Plate of cut fruit for breakfast: 25 pesos
Cup of agua (juice water): 15 pesos
Beach bed rental: 30 pesos
Peace of Mind and great weather: free

http://www.huatulco.com.mx/ is the link to learn more about the place. Las Bahías in Español means “The Bays,” of which there are 9.

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Week 0: Into 2012 from Oaxaca, México

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In short, I thought I would write into 2012 by first accounting for the last week of 2011, which I spent in Oaxaca de Juárez México.  Before I got to México I had stopped off in Washington, DC for a day.

I had a transatlantic flight from Madrid, Spain where I spent about a week in a sleep town called Rascafría, just to the north of Madrid. One of the photos you’ll see is from the Chocolatería (Chocolate Shop). I want to say I think a typical cup was about 2 euros give or take a few.

Returning to language school in Oaxaca de Juárez was a great opportunity for me to get in back in touch with Soléxico, which is a language school that I’d been to in both Playa del Carmen in the Atlantic side, and here in Oaxaca in the Pacific Western side of México. One new phrase I learned was “Ya Estuvo.” The V will sound like a “b” but it’s now almost like a greeting, which means something like “Is your job done for the day,” or “all finished for today.” You could also say, “Ya Estuvo” to mean that you are done for the day.

Tends to be hot in Oaxaca during the day and cold at night, which is why I initially was curious why there was a wool blanket offered in my habitacion (hotel room). It’s called Oaxaca “de Juárez” as a way to commemorate Benito Juárez a former 5-term Mexican president who is a native of Oaxaca.

Typical Costs:

Complete meal: 80-120 pesos
Cup of cut fruit for breakfast: 25 pesos
Cup of agua (juice water): 20 pesos
Laundry per kilo: 20 pesos (avg. is 10-15)
Hotel: 500 pesos to 1,500 pesos. Most expensive Camino Real @ 4,500 pesos
High Altitude, Hot during day, cool at night: free

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oaxaca,_Oaxaca is good non advertisement place to learn more about the history of the local area.

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